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Gilaskas’la (Welcome)


My name is Ivy Richardson (she/her), and I am the founder and Executive Director of Red Girl Rising Movement Society. I am Nuxalk and Gusgimukw through my matrilineal line, and mixed European through my patrilineal line. Currently, I reside as a guest on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. My diverse lived experiences, along with my background as an athlete and student, have shaped me into a dedicated community builder. My goal is to cultivate communities that are safe, empowered, and joyful, with movement serving as my primary tool.

Red Girl Rising is a non-profit organization focused on wellness through movement. We collaborate closely with communities to develop inclusive and accessible movement programs, camps, and workshops. Additionally, we proudly operate Team 700, British Columbia's first competitive Indigenous youth boxing team.

The inception of Red Girl Rising arose from a conversation I had with my mom, where I asked her why she hadn't raised us in a more culturally rooted manner. Her response resonated deeply with me: "Don't ever tell me I didn't raise you in a cultural way. The values I instilled in you and the way you conduct yourself every single day is culture."

This revelation compelled me to reflect further. I began to view culture as an iceberg, with visible aspects representing only a fraction of its depth. My mom had raised us with a profound richness of cultural teachings that permeated our lives. I believe that embracing both the visible and submerged aspects of culture lead to a harmonious existence. Simultaneously, I witnessed the transformative power of ceremonies within our community and recognized the disconnection from these profound cultural teachings once outside the ceremonial space. That's when I experienced my "AHA" moment—how can we infuse our everyday lives with the deep cultural teachings from ceremony? I began to recognize the profound connection between movement and ceremony, realizing that movement itself is a fundamental part of my daily ceremonial practice. By living each day as a ceremony, we can cultivate well-being within our culture, and in turn, culture nurtures our well-being. It's a deeply interconnected and reciprocal relationship.

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For me, movement serves as a daily ceremony to honor my body, heart, mind, and spirit. It offers me an opportunity to honor Creator, my ancestors, family, community, and future generations. It strengthens me, enabling me to walk with integrity and goodness. It humbles me and expands my capacity for love, joy, and countless other blessings.

Red Girl Rising represents the convergence of my two greatest passions: community and wellness through movement. It is a sacred space where we share teachings, engage in practice, and acknowledge the pursuit of living each day as a ceremony. It is a space where we thrive, showcasing Indigenous excellence and embodying joy!

Head to the contact page for all bookings, questions and/or comments.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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