My name is Ivy Richardson and I am the founder and facilitator of Red Girl Rising, Team 700 and Co-founder of Matriarch Resistance. I live as a guest on the traditional territory of the Snaw'naw'as First Nations. My mom is Charlene Schooner and my dad is Kevin Richardson. I am of Nuxalk, Gusgimukw, and European descent. 

The idea for Red Girl Rising started during a conversation with my mom when I asked her “why didn’t you raise us in a cultural way?” To which she responded “don’t ever tell me I didn’t raise you in a cultural way. The values I taught you and the way you carry yourself every single day IS culture.”

My mind was racing thinking about her words. Mom was right (she always is). From that day forward the question wasn’t how to find ceremony, it was how to live everyday like a ceremony. I now live by these words and do my best to honour the deep cultural teachings my mom shared with me. 

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Movement became apart of my daily ceremony. I found boxing and yoga along my journey and I fell in love with the mind, body, heart and spirit aspects of these two practices. I was pushed in ways I never imagined. The two have greatly supported me to walk in a good way and to find balance within this life.

Wellness through movement and working with community have been and are my greatest passions. I have spent over a decade working and volunteering in community. I graduated university with a double-minor in First Nations Studies and Physical Education and I am also a certified personal trainer, boxing coach and yoga teacher. I also have my own experiences as an athlete including being a nationally-competing boxer. 

My work is a fusion of my two greatest passions, community and wellness through movement. It is a space to share teachings, practice and acknowledge living every day like a ceremony, so we can walk together with strength in a good way. 

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