TEAM 700

Ivy Richardson

Head Coach

Johnny Williams

Assistant Coach

Team 700 is an Indigenous competitive youth boxing team. Team 700 was a shared vision between myself and the Nanaimo Youth Advisory Council a youth council for Indigenous youth in and from government care. I asked the youth on the council to give some thoughtful reflection on what name to choose - we decided on Team 700.


700 is the approximate number of youth who age out of government care each year in BC (although the number is now closer to 1000). We wanted to have a name that could start meaningful conversation and join the campaign to #supportthe700. to find out more about what that means click here.

Team 700 is a family. It is a space in which Indigenous youth can attain tools that they need to successfully navigate life. It is a safe space and outlet and above all it is a space where Indigenous youth can aspire for greatness, inside and outside of the ring. 

Team 700 was actualized through a joint collaboration between Red Girl Rising and our generous sponsor: the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre

If you would like to support the team or have any general inquires please contact Red Girl Rising